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Unbound Healing Podcast

unboundhealing@gmail.com (unboundhealing@gmail.com)

Unbound Healing Podcast
32 min2018 AUG 9
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In her solo episode this week, Michelle is tackling a frequently asked question: how long does it take to heal on a protocol like AIP? It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. She talks about varying factors to consider when assessing how long it’ll take to heal, how long it took her to see (and feel) results, and what it looks like when you get past the elimination phase and into a long-term healing lifestyle.



  • :50 - Michelle’s updates and what she’s loving
  • 6:45 - Does AIP last forever?
  • 8:31 - AIP with reintroductions
  • 11:33 - How long does it take to heal?: Factors to consider
  • 18:52 - But no really, how long does it take?
  • 25:44 - Long-term healing
  • 29:26 - Meal of the week


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