Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training School

Philip Urso

Yoga classes - Live Love Teach - Yoga Teacher Training School
79 MIN2012 JAN 18
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This is a class from our recent 5-day LLT teacher training in Mexico.  The teachers all took a part and taught it on the last day.  One remarkable part is that there is are number of teachers who never taught before this training and they are just mixed in …as always we assume you already know basic alignment-  this class is one hour and 20 minutes.  

Intr Paula Romkey

Sun A:  Cameron Graves
Sun A:  Shaena Campbell
Sun A:  Bill Prysock

Sun B:  Josif Wittnik
Sun B:  Ellen Bain

Standing 1:  Maxine Munro
Standing 2:  Tomomi Kojima
Standing 3:  Leslie Hunter
Standing 4:  Dave Parr
Standing 5:  Danielle Jacobs

Balance 1:  Mary Beth Howell
Balance 2:  Chelsea Paxton
Balance 3:  Scott Resch

Core 1:  Andrea Andriopolous
Core 2:  Izabela Melo

Backbends 1:  Melinda Roland
Backbends 2:  Mary Mackinnon Boyd

Hips 1:  Tamara Hilliard
Hips 2:  Elizabeth Auten
Hips 3:  Jessie Braun

Seated Folds & Twists:  Sue Jones
Reclined Postures:  Laura DeMaria

Inversions:  Lisa Walker

Savasana:  Marisa Tingle