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Welcome to episode 158 of the AoD Podcast! This week is an odd one, with the transition to the new season, so be prepared for some freewheeling! As always, we have our OreShiri on episodes 10 of Mawaru Penguindrum and Shin Sekai Yori, all while we enjoy some red ales from Full Sail (Amber Ale), Trader Joe’s Brewing Co. (Drive Thru Red Dry-Hopped Red Ale) and Figueroa Mountain (Red Danish Lager). Our show wraps up with a discussion on the Summer Season’s picks for our Three Episode Rule. There’s a lot of droppable shows so who will make the cut? Tune in and find out!

Show Notes:

00:00:26 Intro00:01:31 Beers of the Week: Full Sail Amber Ale, Figueroa Mountain Red Danish Lager & Trader Joe’s Drive Thru Red AleWeekly Pairing: OreShiri Ep 10s00:02:39 Mawaru Penguindrum00:13:19 Shin Sekai Yori00:38:44 News BreakHappy Hour: 00:47:29 Summer 2020 Three Episode Rule Decision01:11:20 Beer Reviews 01:28:25 Housekeeping/Closing

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