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Manga Mavericks


Manga Mavericks
--JUN 11
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Black Lives Matter. 

Manga Mavericks stands in support of Black Americans and against the systemic racism and violence perpetrated by the police and the U.S. government. 

There are many ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, be it engaging in the protests yourselves or by donating to those fighting on the front lines. We’ve included links in the description of this podcast for people to learn more about petitions to sign and places to donate. We’ve donated all of our Patreon earnings from this year and hundreds of our own dollars to Bail Funds and Charities supporting progressive movements for change across the country, and if you can give, we strongly encourage you to do so. Otherwise, you can even watch videos donating all their ad money to charities too. Again, there are many ways to help, and every bit counts. To quote a great moment from The Boondocks: "What do you do when you can't do nothing, but there's nothing you can do?" "You do what you can." 

In that spirit, we’re also supporting and amplifying Black creatives in our community. We’ll be leaving links to them and their work, and links of where to find other great Black creatives doing great work in this community. Please check all these fine folks out. We’ll also be leaving links to organizations, charities, and petitions to help support Black Lives Matter protests and victims of police brutality. 

There’s another tragic bit of news we also must address: Zac Bertschy passed away on the week of May 19th, 2020. Zac was the executive editor in chief at Anime News Network, overseeing its editorial department. He was the host of ANNcast, the writer of Vice and Luna, and the original Answerman. He was always, in my eyes, the face, voice, and heart of Anime News Network.

We’ll be leaving links to various people’s tributes and memories of Zac, including the final ANNcast, and links to some of the work of his I really appreciated over the years, including Answerman, ANNcast, Vice & Luna, his reviews of Death Parade and Keep Your Hands off Eizouken, and many others.  

There’s so much to say about Zac Bertschy and the legacy he’s left. But right now, there’s just one thing that I must say: Rest in Peace, Zac. See you over the rainbow.

This is a news episode that was delayed and made sort of out of date because of the above stories and others that happened almost immediately after we recorded it in mid-May. Please keep that in mind as you listen through that there’s a lot of parts re-recorded or added on after the fact. That said, we had a lot to cover, including the endings of some popular series, new license announcements, COVID-related delays, Netflix additions, and the titular question on everyone’s mind: Who Did Sesshomaru FUCK?! There’s plenty of news we don’t cover in this episode we’ll get to in a future installment, but it’s good to break these things up anyway lest we have another four-hour long podcast. You can be sure that this will also not be the last time we discuss Black Lives Matter and have conversations on important political and social topics on the show either. What’s going on matters way more than any of the manga we talk about, so while we hope to entertain with our podcast, we also want to make sure we don’t distract from what’s going on in the world and are amplifying voices and causes that matter. 

Please visit the webpage of this podcast for the list of links we included in this post: http://all-comic.com/2020/manga-mavericks-ep-121-who-did-sesshomaru-fck


00:00 - Black Lives Matter
03:35 - Community Shout-Outs: Black Creatives in our Community You Should Follow

14:14 - Intro & Patron Thank You


16:05 - New York Times May List
17:20 - April Bookscan list 
22:44 - Demon Slayer’s Ending, Spinoffs, & Circulation Numbers
28:36 - Yuuna of the Haunted Hot Springs ends 
30:02 - Bunta Kinami’s RWBY: The Official Manga ends 
32:04 - Hinamatsuri ends on July 15th
32:45  - Oda’s One Pi