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Manga Mavericks


Manga Mavericks
--JUL 19
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On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum are joined by special guests, Maxy Barnard of Friendship Effort Victory, Marion from the Good Friends Anime Club, as well as Aisha from the MommaLuvsManga Youtube Channel, to talk about Cross Manage from Kaito! Cross Manage is a sports series about teenager Sakurai, an ex-soccer player who is roped into serving as the problem solving manager of his high school's lacrosse team. This is also another series unfortunately cut short by Weekly Shonen Jump, but also had a full simulpubbed run in English back when Viz's Shonen Jump was in its Alpha phase, as such, this is another "cancelled Shonen Jump manga" podcast, which we will from now on be referring to as "Jump Stop" podcasts! Get it, cause its the opposite of "Jump Starts"? D'aaah, you get it, you get it...

Cross Manage in particular may be the most beloved of these "pre-Jump Start" series licensed and simulpubbed by Viz Media, so of course we spend a lot of time discussing it from a ton of different angles: From Kaito's composition and paneling, to the story's themes of effort and perseverance, as well as just why its run in Shonen Jump may have been cut short.

Join us next week as we discuss Kaito's more recent series, Blue Flag!!

Visit this episode's webpage for a complete list of Links & Shout-Outs included in this episode: http://all-comic.com/2020/manga-mavericks-ep-127-cross-manage/


0:00:00 - Intro

0:04:21 - Cross Manage discussion

2:23:17 - Community Shout-Outs! 

1:34:30 - Wrap-Up

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