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Between Two Palms

Two Palms

Between Two Palms
51 MIN2019 NOV 26
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In this episode of "Between Two Palms," art critic and writer Antwaun Sargent speaks with photographer Nona Faustine about her new series "My Country," which confronts the truth and trauma behind iconic American monuments. Recorded in front of a live audience at Two Palms in New York, their conversation investigates this critical cultural moment in which monuments—and the very history they embody—have come under review.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nona Faustine is a photographer and visual artist whose work explores stereotypes of race and gender. Her work has been exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum and the Studio Museum in Harlem, and she was recently selected to join the inaugural class of Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rock Senegal Residency.

Antwaun Sargent is a writer and critic whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The New Yorker, and various museum and gallery publications. His new book, “The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion,” seeks to recontextualize black identity within and without the art world at large.

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Cover: Nona Faustine, "Fragment of Evidence" (detail) (2019)