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Blind Contour

Aspen Art Museum

Blind Contour
8 MIN2019 SEP 19
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During ArtCrush 2019, we sat down with some of the attending artists for a new audio series called Blind Contour to discuss their current practices and happenings. This episode features artist and sculptor Soo Sunny Park speaking about the process of making her expansive wire, glass, metal, and light installations.

Soo Sunny Park's work challenges the boundaries between sculpture, installation, and drawing. Individual pieces are hybrids, which fall in-between, rather than within, any of these categories. Sculptures are drawings, drawings are sculptures, and installations are sculptures and drawings at once. she labels the totality of her work as sculpture to provide an overarching framework within the critical discourse of studio art, to identify work that Vladimir Tatlin called the “real object in real space.” Park use art to explore the spaces between the categories that structure our existence.