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DICE Talks

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DICE Talks
49 min2019 SEP 25
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Listening Work: Listening as a crucial political act
A workshop with Dr. Marie Thompson

Listening is often presented as a crucial political act: it is a vital component of activism, remembrance and community-building. As such, listening has been at the heart of many ethico-aesthetic practices, including acoustic ecology’s ear-cleaning exercises and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening. Yet these important figurations tend not to address listening’s intersections with social reproduction.

This workshop assumes two things to be true at once. Listening is a key component of feminist activism and social justice. Listening is also unevenly anticipated, unevenly distributed, often undervalued, readily exploited and frequently commodified. In light of this, I connect listening to recent debates about emotional labour, considering the implications for understandings of sonic affect and demands for us to listen more. In recognising the ways in which listening helps to reproduce, rather than challenge, the inequalities that constitute social life, this talk/workshop aims to re-evaluate the politics of listening in a way that makes space for listening’s ambivalence.

Marie Thompson is a researcher and educator, based in Nottingham, UK. Her work centres on the affective, gendered and material dimensions of sound, noise and music. Marie is a Lecturer in The University of Lincoln’s School of Film and Media, where she teaches on Sound and Music Production, Media Studies and Gender Studies degree programs. She is the author of Beyond Unwanted Sound: Noise, Affect and Aesthetic Moralism (Bloomsbury, 2017). Marie is a founding participant of the Sonic Cyberfeminisms project, which explores the relationship between gender, sound and technology.

Venue: Böhmischer Kirchensaal

DICE Conference + Festival is a three-day event which provides a platform for artists with inventive artistic visions, who are socially conscious, and who are shaping the future. The program includes workshops, panels, lectures and live performances featuring female, trans, and non-binary artists and speakers. We aim to nurture a vibrant independent community, providing essential support systems as well as serving as a catalyst for artistic growth.

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