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DICE Talks

DICE Conference + Festival

DICE Talks
58 minJUL 16
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DICE 2019 | Grantwriting Workshop with Maebh Murphy

A successful grant application can get you money and allow you to implement your project ideas or make them more sustainable.

In this practical session we will go into the motivations behind grant applications, how to find suitable funders and the basic elements of a grant application including project proposal, budget, timeline and work packages.
We will also touch on the non-profit industrial complex, introducing some ideas from the book by INCITE! called “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” and exploring how we can both survive under capitalism and other oppressions and do necessary and sustainable community, artistic and activist work.

This interactive lecture will give you the tools to get cracking on your next funding application and identify areas you need to work on. Concrete project ideas are welcome but not necessary.

Maebh Murphy is a musician and organiser. In the 2000s following her studies in literature and drama in Ireland, she made site specific urban audio tours in the UK and Ireland and at festivals in Europe and the U.S. She has been instrument and band coaching and programming events for girls and queer rock camps and related projects since 2011.

She also works as a consultant in project development.Together with a group of artists and activists she founded ATEM e.V. in 2018, which makes projects by and for people who experience discrimination in – amongst other fields – music.

DICE Conference + Festival is a three-day music and discourse festival in Berlin, Germany, creating a more equitable model for music spaces.

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