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DICE Talks

DICE Conference + Festival

DICE Talks
67 minJUN 30
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DICE 2019 | Intergenerationality in Dance Music with Ari Robey-Lawrence, KILLA, Jenifa Mayanja and Mac Folkes

Since the nascence of the concept of popular culture in the early 20th century, it was considered something that was inherently generational — a fundamental characteristic being that each generation abandons the habits, styles and aesthetics of the old in favour of the new and completely modern. The advent of the electronic age has led to a palpable splintering between generations where fertile ground for coalition between generations once existed.

Does the opportunity for intergenerational coalition and communication still exist in dance music environments? How do participants in local rave scenes circumnavigate the division and isolation imposed by the dominance of social media & virtual communities? How do we reconcile the need for exchange between generations of the past and present in the Internet age?

DICE Conference + Festival is a three-day music and discourse festival in Berlin, Germany, creating a more equitable model for music spaces.

DICE theme by Elie Gregory featuring Sanni Est

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