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DICE Talks

DICE Conference + Festival

DICE Talks
62 minJUN 9
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DICE 2019 | Race, Gender, and Identity Politics as Currency: Whose is it to Spend? A panel discussion with Mac Folkes, Esther Jeroboan, Christelle Oyiri & Djibril Sall. Conceptualized and moderated by DICE co-curator Ari Robey-Lawrence.

In recent years, “Identity” has risen to the top of the contemporary consciousness, and nowhere more than in the underground and experimental arts scenes. In response, a race to establish “diversity” initiatives, particularly among music platforms that have been criticised for their lack of diversity, has transpired across the industry. Dance music has seen a surge in formerly underrepresented performers being pushed into the spotlight, and identity has become a new currency that festivals, club bookers and labels are eager to trade in. But to what extent are these formerly sidelined demographics able to control or mediate their new-found representation? How permanent are these apparent changes for the better, and who ultimately profits from such change?

What sort of role should identity play in dance music (or other creative industries) and what an identity-based economy might look like when motivated by equitable representation, as opposed to the appearance of “diversity”?

In memory of Mac Folkes.

DICE Conference + Festival is a three-day music and discourse festival in Berlin, Germany, creating a more equitable model for music spaces.

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