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Help! Im Alive Podcast

Kai Ramos

Help! Im Alive Podcast
61 min2020 JUN 25
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In this episode, Kai speaks with local rap artist Daylan Johnson, creatively known as Dayz about his experience with discovering his love for music.  They chat about how the story began with beat making and resulted in Dayz ultimately song writing and producing all of his own music and the future line of clothing Dayz is anticipating to drop later this year (2020). Great conversation with an artist from the greater Mill Creek area of Washington, tune in and have a listen!! 
Note from Kai: I say this is episode 5 but i am releasing it as number 4. I know thats obviously out of order but i'm waiting on episode 4 to be cleared from the guest who i interviewed and besides does it really even matter what number it is? haha love you guys!
peace and love