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Juice & The Sauce Podcast

Juice & The Sauce Podcast

Juice & The Sauce Podcast
156 minAPR 23
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This week's special guest is Tokunbo Koiki, founder of the award-winning Tokunbo’s Kitchen and the London African Food Week. Tokunbo is also the host of her own podcast, The Tokunbo Chronicles.

- Introduction to Tokunbo.
- Dealing with the loss of our livelihood.
- Getting support from strangers.
- Do you miss McDonalds.
- Do you miss going back to work, or just the option to do so?
- How losing friends can still be positive.
- Yeast has turned into gold dust during quarantine!
- How everyone is skipping during the quarantine.

Main Course: For this week's main course, we will be serving up an interview with Tokunbo Koiki
- The joy of bringing people together.
- Tokunbo shares her biggest wins
- Overcoming life obstacles.
- What happened when Tokunbo dropped a clients catering order on the floor?
- Beliving in your dreams.
- Getting punched in the mouth as an entrepreneur.
- Jollof rice Vs Paella.
- Why you need to be flexible in life.
- Tokunbo talks on supporting your own people.
- How important is it for you to rest?
- Mental health within our cultures.
- Why it's important to encourage others.
- What is a bad news sandwich?
- Why Tokunbo doesn't like to micromanage.
- Learning lessons at the right point in time.

Rapid-fire questions.

Dessert - Flavour from the continent:
Poulet Yassa (Senegalese Chicken)