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Juice & The Sauce Podcast

Juice & The Sauce Podcast

Juice & The Sauce Podcast
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In this weeks episode, we sit down for an exclusive foodie interview with our first guest, Zaire otherwise known as "Zaire Zaire the Professional Eater"

- Nastassja talks about her bake-along sessions.
- Why it's Ok to make mistakes while cooking.
- Lisimba talks about a Lasange he tried to make.
- Cleaning groceries before you store them.

Main Course: For this week's main course, we introduce you to Zaire.
- How Zaire discovered her passion for food.
- Trinidadian Doubles.
- How important food influencers are to the food industry.
- Dealing with food reviews when the food doesn't taste good.
- Giving restaurants a second chance.
- Tips on how to become a professional eater.
- We discuss lobsters and ASMR content.
- "Cornmill" porridge.
- Dealing with dyslexia.
- Favourite quarantine dish.
- Relating to the audience of brands.
- The fear of being type-cast & put in a box.
- Making the content you enjoy.
- Not beating yourself up.
- What it's like not drinking milk.

Rapid fire questions.

Dessert - Flavour from the continent:
- Zaire recommends restaurants to visit, and food to try.