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Love Letters

Eric Arthur

Love Letters
313 min2012 OCT 22
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This week's European Perspective is a special dedicated to my friend and colleague Eric 'Soundman' Arthur. Many of you will know Eric from his excellent Dividing Line show, Love Letters, which is off the air at the moment due to Eric suffering a major stroke a few months back. I'm glad to say that Eric is now recovering, and what better way to hasten his return by mangling his show's concept - live recordings - so heavily that he'll want to rush back to stop me.For the first time this week I've collated the playlist by putting a 'shout' (isn't that what the young people say these days?) on something called 'Face Book' (I think), so at least the music is quality. Thanks to everyone who chose songs...hope you all enjoy seeing your names in lights (so to speak), and Eric - enjoy the show, guv!