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Sketchbook Audio

Ryan "Sketch"

Sketchbook Audio
44 min2020 JUN 8
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Today, Sketchbook Audio takes a look back at the art of our past and reflects on the Civil Rights Movement and the artists that came out of it or even lived it.  They shared with the world their sense of love and compassion, but sometimes, their sense of fear, hurt, anger, suffering etc. 
In a dramatic culmination of 400 years (of slavery and persecution), these artists inspired a generation, whom inspired another generation and continue to do so.  Yet, here we are in 2020 and although we claim to have equal rights among men and women, black and white, the reality is, thats not true.  And we have all seen what cruelties are still plaguing our nation, and the disgusting ways (some) police are treating the good people of this country.  So, how do we reflect on that? How do we transcend from the darkness and pain that is discrimination and racism? 
I suggest we look to the artists of our past, and be the artists of the present and future that continue the mission of inspiring love and compassion for one another. Whatever your skill is, or maybe you haven't quite figured out what that talent or skill is.  I hope Sketchbook Audio can ignite in you a fire that burns bright and carries on to do many great things. 
I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some of my favorite fellow artists on Instagram so please give them a follow, or at least check out their work.  I'm honored to be friends with some of them, and am always in awe when i see new work go up on their feed. 
Lastly, how about that BMW 4 series grille? LOVE IT? or HATE IT?  I'm on the fence right now, but i give credit where credit is due and to BMW, glad you tried something new. Now we just leave it up to the sales numbers to determine whether or not BMW will keep it the way  it is and maybe spread that massive dual-kidney grille to other products, or keep it smaller.  Only time will tell. 


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