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Sketchbook Audio

Ryan "Sketch"

Sketchbook Audio
31 min2020 DEC 4
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While the automotive industry is laying low (except, did you see that the Ram 1500 TRX just won Motor Trend's Truck of the Year aware?!), I'm trying to find more content for everyone both through my podcast AND through my youtube channel (see below for links).

That said, lets shift gears over to art and what you SHOULD be doing right now.

If you are serious about becoming a designer or creative artist of any type, you NEED to be on behance.com and ArtStation.com

At both of these sites, you can essentially create a portfolio full of projects that you can share your process/progress and then get feedback from other artists. You can even apply for jobs, right through the site, using an uploaded resume and your portfolio from either site. 

Lastly, Id certainly appreciate a follow and a like (or two) on my youtube channel which is: https://www.youtube.com/user/that1guyftw  

On my youtube channel, you will find new vehicle reviews and simple how-to videos for doing quick repairs or upgrades in your car. Everything from chaning air filters to replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs!

So go check out Artstation and Behance and get to work on your creativity!  And be sure to check out my youtube channel!


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