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Sunday Night Dinner

Suzanne Hancock

Sunday Night Dinner
5 min2020 APR 28
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Kitchen Windows is a side-project of the Sunday Night Dinner podcast. In this time of Covid-19 and social isolation, it’s a chance to have a brief look into the kitchens of writers, musicians, chefs, artists and health-care superstars. What can they see out their window? What are they cooking for comfort? Who are they with? How do they spend their days?

Singer, songwriter and environmental activist, Sarah Harmer, lives just outside of Kingston, Ontario. She is the co-founder of PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) an organization concerned with protected the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario. She has released six albums, the most recent of which came out in February. It’s a gorgeous collection of songs called Are You Gone (Arts and Crafts). You can hear parts of two songs from the album in this episode: St. Peter’s Bay and Little Frogs.

You can find Sarah here: www.sarahharmer.com
And PERL here: www.facebook.com/Perlburlington/

Intro music written by JJ Ipsen