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Team Rocket Happy Hardcore Show

Team Rocket

Team Rocket Happy Hardcore Show
58 min2016 MAR 22
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Massive special episode this month dedicated to some of the rave scenes best MCs. Featuring guys like Storm, Whizzkid, Enemy, Mallorca Lee, Offside, Marley and even Team Rockets very own MC/DJ Destiny.

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Happy hardcore music is a global sound and together we make this amazing global family. Repost, leave a comment, keep supporting us and we promise we will always do our best for you.

Tracklisting:1. Just Accept It 2014 - Hixxy, Klubfiller & MC Storm2. Guiding Light - Klubfiller & Squad-E3. Raver For Life - Team Rocket4. Million Miles - M-Project feat MC Steal5. Angel - Chris Henry, Squad E & MC Storm6. Connection (Ufology Version) - UFO & Marley7. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat - Outforce & Enemy8. HTID (In Effect Mix 2009) - Antix, Tom-E & MC/DJ Destiny9. Resurgence (Do You Love Your Hardcore) - Scott Brown & Mallorca Lee10. I'm A Raver - Sonic State & MC Storm11. Power & Glory (vip mix) - Geos crew12. Go Insane - S3rl & MC Offside13. Raw 2011 - Haze & MC/DJ Destiny14. We Are The Vampires (Original Mix) - Gammer & Whizzkid15. Walked away - Mob & Enemy16. Vicious Delicious - Klubfiller & MC Storm17. We Killed The Rave - Gammer & MC Whizzkid18. Jump - Gammer & MC Whizzkid