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The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert

Nathan Meffert Entrepreneur, Designer and Writer

The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert
--2017 MAR 18
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My brother Evan Meffert and I have been having mind-bending conversations about religion, politics, art and meaning since we were in our teens. And this one is no exception. Evan spent eight years as an operational engineer at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and moved to Berlin in October to participate in the graduate-level Certified Brewmaster Course at VLB Berlin. VLB Berlin is an international organization that provides research, training, education and service for the brewing industry. Evan is also a blogger, avid mountain biker and passionate student of philosophy and political science. You can follow his adventures in Berlin and beyond at tmeffert on Instagram or check out his blog at http://evanmeffert.wordpress.com. Over the course of our hour together, Evan and I got into the origins of his love of brewing, his favorite philosophers, postmodernism, weird art trends and q