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The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert

Nathan Meffert Entrepreneur, Designer and Writer

The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert
--2017 APR 16
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Dr. Ricks Warren is a clinical psychologist of Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center. He is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. Ricks is the author of several books and book chapters on the topic of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (which is a subset of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for anxiety, depression, obsession and has published over 41 peer-reviewed articles on the topic. During our 3/4-hour talk together, Ricks and I discussed behavior change, self-compassion and meditation. I think you’ll find this episode especially interesting because Ricks is a real pro in these areas, and I know that most of us suffer from some degree of self-doubt, second-guessing and debilitating thought patterns. Ricks speaks directly to how these things can have power over us, how they can