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The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert

Nathan Meffert Entrepreneur, Designer and Writer

The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert
--2017 JUN 17
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Ben Weiss is a practicing clinical social worker in Massachusetts. He holds a masters degree from the Smith College School for Social Work and completed a two-year advanced fellowship in psychodynamic therapy at Harvard Medical School in 2012. Then in 2013, he received a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Boston University. Ben is a good friend and had a bit of a bone to pick with Ricks Warrens' (episode 3) claim that CBT is the most effective form of therapy. Bendescribes the two major schools of western psychological theory and our conversation quickly travels into the uncharted territory of psychoanalytic therapy—what it is, who it helps, and who it doesn't help. We wrapped up by talking about the future of mental health and what it will take to make all forms of therapy more accessible to more people, as well as how to find a good therapist. While it does seem that Ben