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The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert

Nathan Meffert Entrepreneur, Designer and Writer

The Food for Free Thought Podcast with Nathan Meffert
76 min2017 OCT 14
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Having studied Orthodox Theology and Iconology at the University of Sherbrooke in Québec, Jonathan Pageau has been carving different types of liturgical objects for the past 14 years. His carvings have been commissioned by priests, bishops and laypeople in the United States, Canada and Europe. His work is also represented by major liturgical art companies including Desmarais & Robitaille in Canada and New World Byzantine Studios in the United States. Jonathan is one of editors and contributors of the Orthodox Arts Journal and also teaches icon carving with Hexaemeron, non-profit organization offering courses in religiously-inspired icon painting, carving and embroidery. This extensive background in sacred symbols positions Jonathan surprisingly well to respond to the recent spike in interest from the atheist and agnostic community in symbolic readings of Christian texts. This interest ha