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These Are My People

Smarthouse Creative

These Are My People
26 MIN2016 DEC 24
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Lindy Boustedt (http://imdb.to/2hRRnYK) is a writer, director, producer and actor. Lindy co-directs movies with her husband, Kris Boustedt. They've written, directed, produced or edited dozens of films, including three features, and create media for non-profits and corporate clients on the side. Some of their films include: PERFECT 10, THIS IS OURS, BRIDES TO BE, TOGETHER FOREVER and PRACTICAL THINGS.

In this TAMP episode, Lindy talks with Smarthouse Creative's Brad Wilke about the first time she realized she had an audience and the tools she has incorporated into her practice that have helped she and her husband maintain a connection with their audience. Lindy describes the inspiration behind her filmmaking in terms of creating new norms via better representation and increased diversity.

You can check out Lindy's Facebook page here, http://bit.ly/2hRJm6l and follow her on Twitter at, @krisandlindy.

TAMP music by Dude York.