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These Are My People

Smarthouse Creative

These Are My People
11 MIN2017 MAR 22
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Dani Menkin (http://imdb.to/2nXMH3m) is an Israeli Academy Award Winning filmmaker for "39 Pounds of Love"(2005). The film, written, produced and directed by him, has been sold to HBO, and was short listed for the Oscars. Some of his films include: "Is That You?" (winner of "Best Indie Film of the Year" award), "Dolphin Boy" (2011), "Je T'aime - I Love You Terminal"(2010), and his most recent film "On the Map."

Dani is also a co-producer and a creator-partner of Ilan Heitner for the Israeli cult indie film "Wisdom of the Pretzel", which is one of the most successful independent feature films in Israeli cinema.

In 2005 Director, writer and producer Dani Menkin created his own Independent film production "Hey Jude Productions".

In this TAMP episode, Dani talks with Smarthouse Creative's Ryan Davis about what he believes is his most important role as a director, how "On The Map" has appealed to audiences not only in the sports world, but from many different communities outside of competitive sports, and the inspiration behind his filmmaking process. He says one of the biggest lessons he has learned is that it's important as a filmmaker not to "take any moment or any second in making films for granted."

"On The Map" will be screening at The Jewish Film Festival in Seattle on APril 2nd!

You can check out Dani's Facebook page here, http://bit.ly/2mOrWa8, and follow him on Twitter at, @danimenkin.

TAMP music by Dude York.