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These Are My People

Smarthouse Creative

These Are My People
8 MIN2017 OCT 14
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In this TAMP episode, Smarthouse co-founders Ryan Davis and Brad Wilke (www.smarthousecreative.com) talk with Colin Walker and share helpful tips and tools to build your audience, boost your brand, and follow your passion.

They also discuss the origins of our in-house podcast and how it aspires to be a rich and generative resource for creative entrepreneurs looking to gain traction, promote their projects, and grow their fan base. Tune in and start putting your best foot forward when it comes to connecting with your audience, both online and off.

You can check out our Smarthouse Facebook page here, https://smrths.com/FB_SHC, and follow us on Twitter at @teamsmarthouse.

TAMP music by Dude York (https://dudeyork.bandcamp.com/)