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These Are My People

Smarthouse Creative

These Are My People
14 MIN2017 DEC 1
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Donovan Janus (https://www.17hats.com/) is Founder and CEO of 17hats, a Pasadena, CA-based software system that provides small business owners tools, knowledge, and expertise so that they can stay organized, feel confident, and look professional. Mr. Janus is a lifelong entrepreneur, and he and his team at 17hats share a passion for guiding small business owners on their respective journeys.

In this TAMP episode, Donavan talks with Smarthouse Creative's Rachel Green about developing 17hats and the importance of timing, simplicity and social media in building a brand. He describes marketing tips and various grassroots tools and methods used to identify and connect with an audience, "if you define your ideal client and have a clear message, the selling part really happens by itself." -Donovan Janus.

You can check out Donavan's Facebook page here, http://bit.ly/17hats_FB/ and follow him on Twitter at, @17hatsHQ.

TAMP music by Dude York.