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These Are My People

Smarthouse Creative

These Are My People
23 MIN2018 JUN 13
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"The Choice" (http://thechoicepod.com/) is a six-episode audio drama, a feminist dystopian thriller set in the refugee camps of Los Angeles. Set in the year 2047, Dr. Margaret Carter is facing the death penalty. These are a series of recordings played as evidence in her trial.

Misty Eddy is a director working in Portland, Oregon. Her obsession with radio dramas started early when, at twelve years old, she fell in love with classic radio theater programs like The Shadow, Suspense, and Orson Welle's War of the Worlds.

Molly Silverstein is the Director of Programming for the Portland Film Festival and the host of the Portland Film Podcast. She studied film at Yale and London Film School.

Nick Escobar is a design manager at a digital marketing agency in downtown Portland. As a producer, he has been recognized by the Portland Comedy Film Festival, premiered a short film at the 2016 Rose City Comic Con, and co-founded Blue Envelope Productions.

Smarthouse Creative's Leroy Mack sits down with "The Choice" creators, Misty Eddy, Molly Silverstein and Nick Escobar, to learn about the creative inspiration behind "The Choice" and what elements make the series unique, for example including an animator on the team to help listeners visualize the tone of each episode. Misty, Molly and Nick describe the fundraising tips that they've learned through their current Kickstarter campaign, ways to encourage your audience members to become "brand champions" for your work, long-term branding strategies, for example creating a project media-plan, and much more!

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