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Tip N' Tell

Cydney Williams

Tip N' Tell
34 min2020 JUL 17
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XVIIDUKE is a Newark, New Jersey based poet & artist. 

"I found freedom in poetry. I write to share love, memories, moments and stories with the world. It matters that I write because it matters that I live. The more I live, the more I experience. The more I experience the deeper I feel. I put the time and effort into writing for the expression of emotions. Feelings take time to understand, express and then write. Poetry becomes a release of emotions. Through my poetry I want to convey beauty. As a poet, I want my legacy to be unreal. I became a writer when I realized that one of the most important things to me in this life is freedom. Writing and performing poetry provides me with that. Poetry gives me an opportunity to connect worlds, connect people and connect feelings. For that, I am forever appreciative of the art form."

For inquiries email xviiduke@gmail.com



Tip N' Tell 


Host & Cover Art: Cydney Williams @cydneywilliamsstudio

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Producer: Kara Yennaco @karayennaco

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Recorded in Livingston, New Jersey 2020

Tip N' Tell

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