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Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast

Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast
85 minMAR 17
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For Episode 10 of the Flatirons Syndicate Motorsports Podcast, we sit down with Mike Pettiford from Go 4 It Services. Mike has been racing for a couple of decades now, and he has won an amazing 46 SCCA Championships. For this conversation, we start out talking about what Go 4 It Services does. We then move into how Mike got into motorsports, and what prompted him to create his own driving school. We also have a good conversation about sponsorship, and what it takes to find a sponsor to help you take your driving to another level and compete in a form of motorsport that you might not be able to afford all on your own.
In general, this is a great conversation about driving, going fast, and what it takes to improve as a driver. We always have a great conversation with Mike when he stops by, and I'm glad that we were able to capture another one so that we can share it with you!
If you want any more information about Mike, and his school Go 4 It Services, please check out the links below: https://www.go4itservices.com/ (https://www.go4itservices.com/)
https://www.facebook.com/go4itracingschool/ (https://www.facebook.com/go4itracingschool/)