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Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast

Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast
69 minMAR 10
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For this episode of the Flatirons Syndicate Motorsports Podcast, we are just back from Cars and Coffee where we brought out a few of our race cars and project cars, and we brought a few friends with us too. We had a great time at that show and we even brought back a few people to sit in on the podcast with us for this episode.
We had Jeanette from Red Queen Racing, Nigel from Unome Racing, and our friend Brett sit in with us on this conversation. We start off talking about what we saw at Cars and Coffee, and from there we talk about the new Livery that Nigel just made for Tasso's car.
Jeanette is doing a ton of work to her BRZ race car to get ready for the season, and one of the biggest changes is that she is adding forced induction. We got an Edelbrock Supercharger kit for her car, and we talk about how she came to the decision to go with that kit, and why she decided it was time to add a bit more power to her car.
From there, we went into a great conversation about heading to the track for the first time.
This is another great episode that we had a lot of fun recording, and I hope that you enjoy it.
Thanks for listening and Stay Tuned!