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Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast

Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast
77 minJAN 16
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For Episode 6 of the Flatirons Syndicate Podcast, we sit down with Ryan from DSX Motorsports and Tasso from OTC Racing to talk about Hill Climbs and Time Attack. Since those are the Motorsports that each of them are involved in, we wanted to take a deeper look at each of them from both a spectator and competitor point of view. Tasso competes primarily in the Colorado Hill Climb Association series.Ryan competes primarily in the SCCA Time Trials, and the Global Time Attack and Grid Life Time Attack series.In both cases, we wanted to get a better idea of the strategy and development involved and it turns out that there are a lot of similarities between the two.Thanks very much for listening, and Stay Tuned with Flatirons Tuning!