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Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast

Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast
76 min2019 DEC 10
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For this episode of the Flatirons Syndicate Motorsports Podcast, we sit down with Ryan from DSX Motorsports and Tasso from OTC racing, and we take a deep dive into Subaru aerodynamics.Scotty here is in the middle of building a splitter for his 2011 STI race car, and Ryan just built a splitter for his 2003 WRX race car not too long ago. When you throw Tasso into the mix, who is continually playing with adding aero elements to his WRX Rally car, aerodynamics quickly became the topic of the day.Thanks very much for listening and Stay Tuned with Flatirons Tuning!