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Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast

Flatirons Tuning

Flatirons Syndicate Motorsport Podcast
86 min2019 DEC 24
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Ryan from DSX Motorsports was just in Indianapolis for the 2019 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show, and he saw a lot of cool things that we talk about.  Some of the things discussed are stand alone aftermarket ECU's and PDM's, sequential transmissions that are coming out for the STI 6-speed transmission, and bolt-in roll cages.Then we move to the subject of Roger Clark Motorsports Gobstopper 3.  Roger Clark Motorsport has been releasing one picture a day for December to reveal various details about their Gobstopper 3 build.  We have a blog on the Flatirons Tuning site that collects all of these posts, and to say the least, this build is really impressive.  All of us have been taking a hard look at what RCM has been doing, so the second half of our conversation revolves on that.Thanks very much for listening, and Stay Tuned!