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73 minJUL 16
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SnapBack fam, a very special episode for Jack who talks about his battle with Alopecia Areata and then brings on Charlie Villanueva who is the lead spokesman for the hair disease. This is in support of the SnapBack Hats that are launching. Only 70 available so make sure to grab one ASAP as all profits will go to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation! 

Buy here: https://snapbacksports.store/products/snapback-sports-friends-yellow-new-era-dad-hat-black?_pos=1&_sid=dfd161f74&_ss=r

Also on this episode, Abe and Jack discuss the QB, RB, Rookie and 99 Club Madden 21 ratings, Ben Simmons and Yasiel Puig. What the Puck is back and we rank some fries!! Curly, waffle, steak, which is your favorite? Get in the convo @snapbackpod on IG.

Intro 0:00 - 3:42

What's on Abe's mind? 3:42 - 4:33

Madden Ratings 4:33 - 17:58

NBA, Ben Simmons 17:58 - 29:24

Yasiel Puig 29:24 - 31:19

Charlie Villanueva 31:30 - 1:00:44

Charlies experience with Alopecia 31:51 - 39:36

The Tweet 39:41 - 41:12

Toilet story 41:12 - 44:54

Goat Talk 44:54 - 48:33

2020 Orlando predictions 57:09 - 1:00:02

What the Puck 1:03:28 - 1:04:27

Ranked: Fries 1:06:32 - 1:12:50


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