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51 minJUL 27
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Jamal Adams traded to the Seahawks

NBA Bubble Report: Thibs to NYC, Lou Will at the club, and Ben Simmons shooting 3s

MLB- Verlander, hurt? Orioles rock, Phillies suck.

Seattle Kraken vs. Washington Football Team

Would You Rather be able to read the good or bad thoughts in someone's mind (Credit: Chase Schweigert)

Intro 0:00 - 1:52

What's on Abe's mind 1:52 - 4:58

Jamal Adams 4:58 - 12:21

Will Thibs be the coach for the entire 5 years of his deal? (Jackson Tyler) 12:50 - 20:23

Lou Will 20:23 - 22:38

Verlander Injury and the MLB 25:56 - 28:03

Kraken vs. Football team 28:03 - 30:32

WYR; Read minds but only the good thoughts/bad thoughts 31:48 - 35:47

-Chase Schwegert

What first round matchup will be the most competitive? 35:47 - 40:25

-Saathvik Chepyla

Maple syrup taste test 40:25 - 47:55


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