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Ultimate Hoops Podcast

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Ultimate Hoops Podcast
34 minJUN 4
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The last few episodes have been Minnesota specific but this week we move East, to Ultimate Hoops Boston to talk to Taylor Pettiford and Roland Millien.

This was a special episode. Considering everything that has gone in this country in the last week, It was helpful to talk, and more importantly, LISTEN to two people who I respect and admire in our UH Nation community.

Ro, Taylor, and myself left our conversation with the consensus that basketball is really missed in this country right now. The opportunity to play a sport and connect with people of all races, all backgrounds. To share a laugh and a high-five playing a game we all love.

We recorded this LIVE episode yesterday, June 3rd via our Ultimate Hoops Nation Facebook Group.. If you want to rewatch the podcast contribute to the conversation and comments, join our Ultimate Hoops Nation Facebook Group.