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2 min2018 OCT 24
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"I thinkStrickland knew it was a masterpiece. He had achieved what he wanted. His lifewas complete. He had made a world and saw that it was good. Then, in pride andcontempt, he destroyed, it. "

"But Imust show you my picture, " said Dr. Coutras, moving on.

"Whathappened to Ata and the child?"

They went tothe Marquesas. She had relations there. I have heard that the boy works on oneof Cameron's schooners. They say he is very like his father in appearance."

At the doorthat led from the verandah to the doctor's consulting-room, he paused andsmiled.

"It is afruit-piece. You would think it not a very suitable picture for a doctor'sconsulting-room, but my wife will not have it in the drawing-room. She says itis frankly obscene. "

"Afruit-piece!" I exclaimed in surprise.

We entered theroom, and my eyes fell at once on the picture. I looked at it for a long time.

It was a pileof mangoes, bananas, oranges, and I know not what. and at first sight it was aninnocent picture enough. It would have been passed in an exhibition of thePost- Impressionists by a careless person as an excellent but not veryremarkable example of the school; but perhaps afterwards it would come back tohis recollection, and he would wonder why. I do not think then he could everentirely forget it.