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5 min2018 OCT 31
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"The millsof God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small, " he said, somewhatimpressively.

Mrs. Stricklandand Mrs. Ronaldson looked down with a slightly pious expression whichindicated, I felt sure, that they thought the quotation was from Holy Writ.Indeed, I was unconvinced that Robert Strickland did not share their illusion.I do not know why I suddenly thought of Strickland's son by Ata. They had toldme he was a merry, light-hearted youth. I saw him, with my mind's eye, on theschooner on which he worked, wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees; and atnight, when the boat sailed along easily before a light breeze, and the sailorswere gathered on the upper deck, while the captain and the supercargo lolled indeck-chairs, smoking their pipes, I saw him dance with another lad, dancewildly, to the wheezy music of the concertina. Above was the blue sky, and thestars, and all about the desert of the Pacific Ocean.

A quotationfrom the Bible came to my lips, but I held my tongue, for I know that clergymenthink it a little blasphemous when the laity poach upon their preserves. MyUncle Henry, for twenty-seven years Vicar of Whitstable, was on these occasionsin the habit of saying that the devil could always quote scripture to hispurpose. He remembered the days when you could get thirteen Royal Natives for ashilling.