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FU Out Loud

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FU Out Loud
21 min2019 NOV 14
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Every other Thursday, the archives of the FU Review come alive with previously published poems and prose read by their authors and a little interview to match.

For our first archival episode, Dr. Ruth Wishart joins host Kelsie to discuss the formation of the FU Review and to read a piece from Issue 2. There’s incestuous Austrians (who are also great loves and who are also dead), Brexit, Haruki Murakami’s bad sex, and kids who are also poets. Gamze’s Jawbreaker piece published in Tint comes back out to play. Kelsie learns what Mid-Atlantic means and exploits Audible.

If you're a Berliner like us, or just in town, stay tuned after the episode for a few upcoming literary events in Berlin! A full list can be found below.

This episode is brought to you by The FU Review and Bear Radio with big thanks to Hindenburg for their support.

Follow the FU Review on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/FUReviewBerlin/] and Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/fureviewberlin/]! And come to our launch event on Saturday Nov 23! [https://www.facebook.com/events/563360644226969/]

You can find Ruth @ruth.wish & her daughter @ailie.gator on Instagram! Sometimes, you can find Ruth reading at Fiction Canteen. [https://fictioncanteen.blog/]

Her random name prompt uses this site: [https://www.behindthename.com/random/]

Special shout outs to the Wild Word [https://thewildword.com/] and Tint journal [https://tintjournal.com/] who appear in this episode!

This week, in Berlin:

Nov 14 // 19 - 21 // An Interview with the Severed Head of Orpheus
Nov 14 // 1930 - 23 // Berlin Spoken Word: Humor
Nov 14 // 20 - 23 // No time to sleep poetry performance with RAN
Nov 14 // 19 – 21 // Poetry Slam Kopenick
Nov 14 // 18 - 2030 // Lectures and Discussion: Experimental Humanities
Nov 14 // 19 - 23 // GRAND Slam – Poetry meets Music
Nov 15 // 1930 – 21 // Lost in a comic translation
Nov 16 // 11 – 22 // Queer Publishing: Books, Texts, Performances
Nov 16 // 1030 - 12 // Crowdfund Your Literary Project [Say hi to Moses!]
Nov 17 // 20 - 22 // Stories with Spine: DARK Matter