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FU Out Loud

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FU Out Loud
28 minMAR 11
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Every other Tuesday, we’re bringing you readings and interviews with the authors published in the Alien-themed Issue 6 of the FU Review.

On a podcast where our gut is so on fire we could digest anything and I can’t pronounce anyone’s last names, Blake Matich is here, making the outtakes way more funny than they need to be & where we provide the ASMR service of sweet nothings and pleasantries (pleasant niceitries?? no self-deprecation here; we’re rolling with it). There’s koalas … having intercourse, truly an animal with a commitment to chaos. And Kelsie has decided that when Australians say ‘duhhhh’ there’s an r in there, somewhere.

We talk about the kind of people who google their own houses (me) instead of everything you could possible see on the infinite being of Google Earth that the American Government (capital A capital G) lets you see, and the every present dependency on making people laugh, and climate doom and why we shouldn’t trust it (just the doom, Earth is definitely dying). Does Blake think capitalism will change us?? Did Prometheus cackle as he stole the sun?? Does Blake makes up words that already exist (Trump realness)?? Am I rude off tape??

“I could never disdain wanting to paying attention to something closely.”

You can find one of Blake’s recently published pieces here [ http://honisoit.com/2019/12/vale-clive-james-a-lightning-before-death/ ] If you’d like to collab (especially on a play/comedy) with Blake, connect with him on insta @bkmatich

Check out the Berlin Writers Group, talked about in the episode today, and maybe you’ll run into Blake! Say hi for us. [ https://www.facebook.com/groups/426862234166232/]

We're so happy to bring you a little literature in a sweet twenty-minute package for the reader on the move, thanks to The FU Review and Bear Radio. And as always, big thanks to Hindenburg for their support.

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