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FU Out Loud

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FU Out Loud
29 minMAR 25
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Every other Tuesday, we’re bringing you readings and interviews with the authors published in the Alien-themed Issue 6 of the FU Review.

Sickkkkkk, bruv. This week, host Kelsie Renehan sits down with Hannah Goldstein, former Editor in Chief of the FU Review, events manager at The Word, host of Picks of Berlin, and Masters Candidate at Freie Univeristät. In this long season finale episode, they talk about the process of creating and running a literary journal, supporting the scene instead of being in the scene, and curating events to support artists. Hannah is shocking us in ways that are insightful, exploring perverse women, and hating the sound of her own voice. See if you can guess where she’s from before the end of the episode.

Hannah’s reading at loads of nights where it wasn’t really appropriate & putting Sick to rest on the pod. They also talk about the standard taking down capitalism and importance of community. And always remember, it depends on what club you’re in in Berlin.

Even though we plug so many great events in this episode, you gotta stay inside right now. So, we’re not doing our episodic biweekly events calendar below. Please, please support your local artists, bars, bookstores, and lit mags, but at a safe distance. We’ll see you out there when it’s safe to do so.

Hey, Christian, this is for you.

We're so happy to bring you a little literature in a sweet twenty-minute package for the reader on the move, thanks to The FU Review and Bear Radio. And as always, big thanks to Hindenburg for their support. Special love in this episode to the JFKI.

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