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Happy Write Now

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

Happy Write Now
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In episode 25 we will go over how I found power within myself, a breakdown of the truths I hold in our universe, and how you van find your next direction with a few simple questions.Find me on Instagram @RebeccaKSampson, my books on Amazon, and join me on Patreon as we write a personal development book together.If you'd like to copy and past them into your Notes app, here are truths you too can adopt and the questions to ask.Everything in life happens so that we can grow. Everything is for a reason. Even if it was painful and we didn’t want it at the time.We have control over everything in our life because we can control our reactions. Our reactions and thoughts on a subject influence its impact on us.Our best is always good enough, even if our best means taking more naps and working less.Abundance isn’t tied to hustle. We can experience abundance daily simply by believing we are worthy of it and by providing value to the world. We are taken care of and can take care of ourselves if we open up our ideas and mind to those opportunities.What we think, we create. If we believe we have to hustle, that is what it will take to get what we want. I choose to have a balance of hustle and flow when it feels right, and choose to have what I want regardless… and so I am right too. Our personal realities are determined by what we think is right. As simple, and difficult, as that.And now here we are. I encourage you to find whatever truth you need to find to feel okay and to make progress in the direction you want to go. And if you aren’t sure what that direction is, that is a great place to start.Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find that direction:What moments in my life bring me the most joy?What moments do I dislike the most?How can I have more of the joy, and less of the hate?What habits support my joy every day?And then, keep questioning.Talk to you soon, World Creators. Remember, you are unstoppable.