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Streams of Consciousness

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Streams of Consciousness
25 min2017 SEP 11
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Tom apparently has a heart, although it is deep night black. We listen as his own plans unfold and he gains a new minion. His depravity is shown when he performs acts of violence without provocation. Jack, on the other hand, has come up with his own plan, one that if all goes accordingly, may get him killed but may also end all of his troubles. If you have any suggestions for any twists in the story, or if you would like to request a new story please email us at streamseekers@gmail.com.Also, we want to start a sort of story board. We really want to encourage people writing stories fiction stories. Any story you submit to us (that is not sexually graphic and does not swear) we will post on our blog. We will include your authorship name and any comments you want to add. We’ll make it extremely clear that you wrote it and not us. We want to do this so novice authors can put up work and get feedback from other like-minded people. If you have any stories you want to submit, send them to streamseekers@gmail.comAlso, please come visit us at our website streamseekers.com. We’d love to see what you think.Otherwise, thanks for listening to us and until next time.