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Talking To Myself

Steve Wasserman

Talking To Myself
41 min2020 MAR 11
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In which I talk to myself about Mary Ruefle’s sadness, social media, our inner interlocutors, and the decision to deliver electric shocks to one's own gonads rather than sit in a room quietly listening to the mind’s chatter.

“Gray sadness is the sadness of paper clips and rubber bands, of rain and squirrels and chewing gum, ointments and unguents and movie theaters. Gray sadness is the most common of all sadnesses, it is the sadness of sand in the desert and sand on the beach, the sadness of keys in a pocket, cans on a shelf, hair in a comb, dry-cleaning, and raisins. Gray sadness is beautiful, but not to be confused with the beauty of blue sadness, which is irreplaceable. Sad to say, gray sadness is replaceable, it can be replaced daily, it is the sadness of a melting snowman in a snowstorm.” 

(Mary Ruefle, from My Private Property)

Text version of this episode here: http://stevewasserman.co.uk/ttm-1-mary-ruefles-sadness/