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Talking To Myself

Steve Wasserman

Talking To Myself
41 min2020 APR 8
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In which I talk to myself about Caedmon's hymn, Beckett, Barthes, Foucault, Dracula, Corona, poem-twittery as identity politics, and why poetry koans are (maybe?) more important than the poets who wrote them. 

“Someone speaks, someone hears: no need to go any further. It is not he, it is not she, it’s I. (Or another, or others – what does it matter?) The case is clear: it is not he, she, they who I know I am (that’s all I know), who I cannot say I am. (I can’t say anything – I’ve tried, I’m trying.) We know nothing, know of nothing: neither what it is to speak, nor what it is to hear.”

SAMUEL BECKETT (from The Unnameable)

Text version of this episode here: http://stevewasserman.co.uk/ttm-3-the-joys-delights-of-being-nobody-everybody-caedmons-hymn/