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The Shared Desk

Tee Morris

The Shared Desk
50 min2020 FEB 21
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* They said we couldn’t make it… whoever they are…* Pip and Tee chose Birds of Prey for their Valentine’s movie!* We get cheers from chat!

3:04 Let’s Look Back

* Pip tried to count Dog Days of Podcasting that Tee did in 2018* Consistency… well not so much our thing….* Episode 1… we started off pretty exclusively about the craft!* And we started with the idea of half hour episodes…

7:23 Types of episodes

* We’ve done craft and business episodes* But our most downloaded episode was Episode 59, about Penny Dreadful from a writer’s point of view* Then we’ve covered, marketing, had guests in show, and recorded from events* Then there are the odd ones…* And the evergreen content ‘writers did what now?’

9:29 Let’s talk about guests

* Guests… we’ve been very lucky!* Piper J Drake and K T Bryski duke it out for most on show* Nick and Stacia Kelly also been on there quite a few times* Lauren ‘Scribe’ Harris has stopped on by a bit too!* The WINNER IS KT Bryski! (Also involved in beer talk)* Episode 30… what is a writer’s intern? K T came and stayed for quite a while.* We’ve had MK Backstrom, Alex White, Tim Dodge, Spence, Nobilis on the show

14:02 We Tracked Smoky Writers

* From the beginning, our beloved retreat was covered. Either there, or a post-retreat review* Our largest guest episode, with all the microphones!* Pip reflects on the fun stuff represented by the Shared Desk

14: 55 Consistency? What’s that??

* Sometimes we slipped…* Editing is a thing… we don’t like to just release into the wild* Deadlines and families to come first… podcasting fell by the way side* Some years have been easier than others* We started streaming in 2018, episode 90.* Streaming has kept us more on track

17:28 Memories of past segments

* Eagle vs kiwi — limited options after a point* Crazy Uncle Charlie — his time passed (Pip was happy about that)

Charlie went to do his own thing…

20:32 Picking out some favorite episodes and topics

* Pip mentions episode 23, where we talked about a writer’s kit and giveaway swag* Tee diverts into Penny Dreadful side rant…* Pip and Tee discuss some of the changes to swag people expect* Pip mentions the 99c book promo choices authors make* The infamous way Goodreads reviewers mark books before they’ve even been released* Giving away your work, you need to be careful how you do it* The short story market has changed over the course of ...