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The Shared Desk

Tee Morris

The Shared Desk
57 min2020 JUL 14
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We welcome Savan Gupta to the show, but Tee is audio only… and it had nothing to do with Pip!

* Savan kicks it off, and the party begins. * Having a company is apparently just as stressful as kids

We welcome Savan and all his universes

3:07 Savan begins to unravel all his creative endeavors

* Steam-funk Studios– a multi-media and marketing firm* From that came the Living Multiverse, a cross-media fiction project… and World Domination* The Unconventional champions journalist and academic excellence in fandom—The Rolling Stone of Fandom. Fanthropolgy* Sepia Riot, a project in development, championing Indian, Arab and Asian representation in fandom* The Unconventional will be coming this year!

8:03 Tee asks Savan how he manages all these amazing projects

* Savan keeps a regular schedule, military like* Manage expectations with those that are working with you* Savan vets everyone and gives them an orientation so that people are ramped up* Communicate any problems that crop up in life* Tee throws himself under the bus, but also owns his problems* Savan points out that when you act like a professional everything is simpler

We call it that too!

12:29 Pip asks Savan just how many people he’s collaborated with over the years

* Savan remembers another collaboration, Geeks Gone Wild* Collaborating means having standards and processes to encourage others who want to work with you* Savan comes to this from a financial market* Pip gets jealous of Savan’s organization* Tee points out the collaboration with Galileo Games was very well organized* Savan mentions that he’s spent years all over the country, finding talent* Savan says past and present he’s worked with hundreds of people

17:41 Tee asks, so what do they all do?

* Everything began as a performance troupe* In 2014 critical mass happened. Slick-brass and the Crew of the A.S.S. Titilus was joined by Rohan and the Dogs of War. Then more… and more… and consulting for others* It got so big, that they needed residuals to support the performance, so Savan changed tack.* Rebooting the brand, they turned inward to evaluate what goods and services work best, to make money* The Unconventional is free, because its aim is to make a community- but it gives plenty of attribution, and a bio * Attribution is something we need more of* Savan answers the question about how many people who work in the company* Shout out to Savan’s teams!* Pip’s mind is blown

27:01 Tee asks Savan how he handles when collaboration goes bad

* Savan makes clear what expectations are, and how much time it will take to his collaborators * His exceptions clauses are; your health (you don’t have to disclose what those are, legally as well), day job/school (hell weeks do happen in both), and finally your family.* Everyone needs paperwork!* Tee, Savan and Pip discuss about deadlines* Savan describes his ‘break glass’ situation

No one wants to do this, but sometimes it is necessary…

* Now the Hobbit comes up… we have all been forged by fire* Savan calls back to his father, for his fortitude and persistence