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The Shared Desk

Tee Morris

The Shared Desk
48 min2019 OCT 24
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00:00 Introduction

* Tee and Pip are in a metal mood thanks to Halloween* Their velvet purple skull Twitchy is here for the season.* Welcome to new listeners

02:30 The James River Writers Convention

* Ways to read signs ahead* The James River Writers Conference is an example of a well run convention. Others should take note of some of the things they do.* Pip can’t leave Twitchy alone.* JRW Conference has been going for many years.* JRW provide year round support to local writers.* Pip recalls with relish the first contact where Tee was her +1

Pip be like…

* Tee tried to stream… and failed…* Conventions have to fork out a lot of money for wi fi* Seriously Pip leave the skull alone!* Follow Tee on Twitch to find out when we go live.* JRW make an effort to have a diversity of writers, agents and publishers* Tee missed out on the Dating Game

What, my name got called?

* Tee did a pitch and met some agents* How many people attended?* Pip feels a little out gunned* Not just chairs—tables too!* Moderators are prepared and know who their panelists are* Shout out to Bill Blume* Panel on podcasting moderated by Sharvette Mitchell was a good time* Tee’s Shop Talk was about writing what you don’t know* Writing outside your experience? Reach out to those who are in the community* Pip feels uncomfortable writing from a first person POV outside her community* The importance of beta readers* Tee recounts a tale from his theatre days* The naming of a podcast… like the Shared Desk?* Tee really gets into what the theme music is. It’s important!!* Tee did a branding panel. Why does branding matter to authors?* World building… important but not everything

World building is important… but so is writing!

* Your world can change… and that’s OK* The James River Writers Convention is worth attending as a panelist, or if you want to improve your writing.

28:50 Pip and Tee go into the Kitchen

* Pip and Tee stayed at the Linden Row Inn supposedly haunted, but no ghosts came to visit* Pip has a crazy idea…* Richmond has speakeasies… with 100% less poisonous bath tub gin* Grandstaff and Stein Booksellers.

Felt like this…

* A bookseller, a secret password, and there you are!

Flaming Youth

* Tee and Pip enjoyed a flight!* Some interesting history behind speakeasies, helped along with some well dressed servers.* Not just drinks, the food was also excellent* The whole thing was streamed* Seriously, Richmond has it all!

43:19 Wrap up

* What shall we do for our 100th episode?* Tee is working with Steve Saylor for the month of October to raise money for Able Gamers. Go here to donate. See if two knuckleheads can beat Mountain Dew!* Tee shaved his beard for this… and Pip is still recovering…

* If you have an event and want The Shared Desk to appear there, or if you just want to share an opinion about the show, here’s where to find us… 703.791.1701pip@pjballantine.comtee@teemorris.com…and social media, of course.