What Should I Read Next?

Anne Bogel | Wondery

What Should I Read Next?
42 MIN2018 MAY 1
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Pop quiz - what is true of only 14 of the 110 Nobels awarded for Literature since the category's founding in 1901? Answer: only 14 women have received the honor.
Today’s guests Kendra Winchester and Autumn Privett are intent on giving brilliant female authors their due. Every month, their podcast Reading Women shines a spotlight on a different genre or type of author - some favorite past themes include Women in Translation, Southern Literature, and Women of Color.
So what better way to celebrate female authors on What Should I Read Next than a little roundtable literary matchmaking? Autumn, Kendra, and Anne chat about reading women as little girls, their favorite recent books by female authors, and introduce each other to hidden gems. Ready your TBR list!
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